Mootools | Mar 11, 2008

Update: Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar

I’ve updated my previous post Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar. I’ve added instructions about how to make it work with Mootools version 1.11. Also the example is updated. On the Mootools forums someone called ‘horseweapon’ wrote a simple function that used my code to make scrollbars. I used his function to work with the example. You can see the updated example over here.

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Mootools | Mar 10, 2008

Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar

I wrote a small piece of javascript that creates a css styled scrollbar from the Mootools (version 1.2b2) Slider class. I know there is a scrollbar class for Mootools but it’s more than 100 lines of code. If you only need one or two bars, try my solution instead. The example page shows three div elements with a styled horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars.

Mootools Scrollbar
Mootools Powered Scrollbar

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