Flotr | Mar 7, 2008

New Flotr Example: Drawing series with JSON data

I added an example to the Flotr example section. This example shows how to use requested JSON data to draw a graph. Go to the example section or take a look at the example directly. To learn more about handling JSON with Prototype, read Introduction to JSON

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Flotr | Feb 27, 2008

Flotr Javascript Plotting Library

I’m proud to announce Flotr 0.1.0 alpha, a javascript plotting library based on the Prototype Javascript Framework (version at the moment). This new (22kb) piece of javascript enables you to draw appealing graphs in most modern browsers. It replaces my older (and deprecated) plotting library Plotr. This time I took some more time to write documentation and examples, see the result on the Flotr project page.

Flotr is actually a rewrite of Flot (by Ole Laursen), a javascript plotting engine for jQuery. I (partially) rewrote it to use Prototype and added some new features like event hooks and mouse tracking.

Flotr Teaser
A graph generated by Flotr

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Prototype | Nov 11, 2007

Monitor Prototype Ajax Requests With Google Analytics

Since Prototype 1.6 final (released this week) all Ajax transport objects are wrapped in an Ajax.Responders object. Using this object we can add generic behavior to Ajax Requests. Imagine you want to show a loading icon every time a request is ongoing. Or even better, monitoring request that are made using Google Analytics.

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Prototype | Nov 8, 2007

Firing Custom Events With The Prototype Javascript Framework

Yesterday Sam Stephenson released the final version of the Prototype Javascript Framework. I’ve been using RC0 and RC1 for some time and what I was missing in earlier releases of Prototype’s the ability to fire custom events. I’m going to use it to fire events in Plotr. In this post I’ll explain how to fire custom events, and of course how to observe those events.

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Plotr | Jun 12, 2007

Plotr v0.2.0

It took some time but now I finally can release Plotr v0.2.0. For those who don’t know what Plotr is, Plotr is a javascript charting framework built on top of PrototypeJS. This version includes many bug fixes and some new features, like drawing shadows and showing legends.

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Javascript | Mar 20, 2007
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HistMan v0.2: Port to Prototype

Just a day after the launch of HistMan I’m releasing v0.2. I’ve also ported this version to Prototype, so now Mootools and Prototype are supported.

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Notes | Mar 13, 2007
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Prototype 1.5.1_rc2

The Prototype released rc2 of version 1.5.1. Lots of performance improvements have been made! Take a look at prototypejs.org.

Javascript | Feb 2, 2007

Efficient looping in Javascript

While I’m a great fan of Javascript Libraries like Prototype and Mootools, I’m less happy with their iterators. Iterating through a large array just takes ages using Array.each(). I think the most annoying thing with Javascript is that it freezes the browser while it’s being processed.

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Notes | Jan 19, 2007
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Prototype framework has a new website!

The Prototype team has released 1.5.0! And besides that they’ve made a new website with an API section… Finally!

Prototype | Dec 25, 2006

Porting Prototype Enumerable functions to Mootools Array objects

I really like the Prototype Framework and the functionality that comes with it, but I like Mootools even more because it’s so damn small and lightweight. Sometimes the minimalistic framework is just too light. Recently I needed some of Prototypes’ Enumerable functions for an Array but the app was implemented using Mootools.

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