Flotr is a javascript plotting library based on the Prototype Javascript Framework (version at the moment) and inspired by Flot (written by Ole Laursen).
Flotr enables you to draw appealing graphs in most modern browsers with an
easy to learn syntax. It comes with great features like legend support, negative
value support, mouse tracking, selection support, zoom support, event hooks, CSS
styling support and much more.

Flotr is the replacement of Plotr. Because Plotr is deprecated, I recommend switching to Flotr.

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Click here for a Belorussian translation of this page (translation provided by Paul Bukhovko).

Documentation & Examples

I wrote some documentation and examples that should show you most important features of Flotr. You can find it at the Flotr Documentation Page.

Browser support

Currently I’m testing with the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Opera 9.25 and 9.50 beta1
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and 7 (Canvas emulated using ExCanvas)
  • Safari 3.0.4 (for Windows)

I’m trying to support all of these. Please report bugs at the Google Project Page, and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Canvas HTML is emulated by ExplorerCanvas, a javascript that let’s you handle VML the same way as HTML Canvas.



You can download the latest version (0.1.0alpha) at the Flotr Google Project Page. The Flotr zip package comes with:

  • minified version of Flotr (used YUI Compressor 2.3.5 for compression).
  • debug version of Flotr (including code comments).
  • Prototype (not compressed).
  • minified version of ExCanvas (Including an important bug fix)


Flotr is released under the MIT License.

Get help

If you found a bug, or if you have an improvement/idea, leave a note in the issue tracker.

For questions, go to the F.A.Q.

I distribute Flotr ‘as is’, I don not get paid for it and therefore I have no time to do support for it and I won’t answer trivial questions.


To support the development of Flotr, you can leave a small amount of money. It takes quite some time to maintain Flotr on my own, so your donation is greatly appreciated.