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Mootools | Nov 2, 2008

Delayed Image Preloading Using Mootools

It’s almost three months ago since my last post! I’m quite busy at the moment. That’s why I’ll just write a quickie on delayed image preloading using Mootools (1.2.1, also might work with 1.2 and 1.1).

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Mootools | Jun 27, 2008
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Writing A Feed Reader

Yesterday I was playing around with the Google AJAX Feed API. With the API, you can download any public Atom or RSS feed using only javascript. By mixing the Google AJAX Feed API with MooTools 1.2, I wrote a tiny feed reader application in 30 lines of javascript goodness.

My tiny feed reader
My tiny feed reader

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Mootools | Mar 28, 2008

Mootools Puzzle Game

I wrote a pretty useless puzzle game that makes use of Mootools. I was updating the ‘about’ page on this blog, and I was looking for an original way to show a picture of myself. So take a look at the the about page and play around with it.

Puzzle Game
Play with me

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Mootools | Mar 11, 2008

Update: Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar

I’ve updated my previous post Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar. I’ve added instructions about how to make it work with Mootools version 1.11. Also the example is updated. On the Mootools forums someone called ‘horseweapon’ wrote a simple function that used my code to make scrollbars. I used his function to work with the example. You can see the updated example over here.

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Mootools | Mar 10, 2008

Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar

I wrote a small piece of javascript that creates a css styled scrollbar from the Mootools (version 1.2b2) Slider class. I know there is a scrollbar class for Mootools but it’s more than 100 lines of code. If you only need one or two bars, try my solution instead. The example page shows three div elements with a styled horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars.

Mootools Scrollbar
Mootools Powered Scrollbar

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Mootools | Feb 8, 2008

Building and Testing the Mootools SVN Trunk

Ever wondered how the Mootools development team tests Mootools SVN Trunk code? Personally, I don’t think they build their js file with the download builder bookmarklet I posted a few weeks ago. I’ll go into how to load all Mootools components from the SVN Trunk when testing.

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Mootools | Jan 3, 2008

The Mootools Download Builder Bookmarklet

Personally, I love Mootools download builder. There’s just one feature that is missing, it becomes very annoying everytime I needs the entire Mootools library. I can remember the old (?) download builder had a “check all” button, which included (checks) all Mootools components to the file I was about to download. Nowadays, the download builder doesn’t have this feature anymore. Well, actually the download builder has the functionality to check all components, but it lacks a button. I wrote a bookmarklet that let’s you do the trick.

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Mootools | Sep 20, 2007

Understanding Mootools Selectors $, $$, $E and $ES

While browsing the Mootools forums I came across an excellent post by Fl√łe Rasmus. He explains to a mootools newbie how to use the selector functions $ and $$. In this article I’ll explain how $, $$, $E and $ES work, and as a bonus I’ll list all the dollar functions in Mootools v1.11.

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Mootools | Sep 10, 2007

Submitting forms asynchronously using Mootools

In this article I’ll explain how to submit your forms using some Mootools magic. The techniques used are pretty basic and easy to understand. Sit back and relax, or just take a look at the result.

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Mootools | Feb 16, 2007

Mootools: ‘Ajax & XHR’ classes

I’m writing this article because my old article about the Mootools ajax class is outdated because of the API changes in Mootools version 1.0. This article will be an update of the previous article.

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