Yesterday and today the Ajaxian team posted two very interesting posts concerning javascript charting. The first one is Flot and it´s built on top of jQuery, a javascript framework. The second one´s from Google, it´s called the Google Chart API. So for everyone who´s not satisfied with Plotr, you might give those libs a try.

Flot for jQuery

A lot of people asked me to port Plotr to jQuery, so now they finally have a way to plot charts the easy way. The Flot API looks very promising and the generated charts look gorgeous. You can see a few examples over here.

Google Chart API

Google did it again. This product is simply amazing. While I was thinking a while ago about making an API that returns javascript that draws a chart, Google just renders an image based on the passed url parameters. Here’s an example:

<!--This is a chart rendered by the Google Chart API-->
<img src="
alt="Chart" />

This renders the following chart:

Google Chart API sample chart.

Really nice and I’m working on some very cool things using the Google Chart API.